Blog – Happenings at Crooked Blanks

January 2013
First SUP from a Crooked Blank.  11′ long cruiser.  Check it out.



























October 2012
Interview from the International Boardroom Trade Show. Check it out.

August 2012
Demo board! 5’11 single fin. So stoked on this one. Made with love from Vec Surfboards and Twin Lights Glassing. I will be bringing this around to some shops and to the Grain Re-evolution event in September.

July 2012

A great video filmed and edited by Andrew Hanenberg.  Check out more of Andy’s work at


Crooked Blanks from AWHPhoto on Vimeo.


July 2012

A great night at the Doris Duke Surf Fest at Rocky Point in Rhode Island.  Check out all the boards in this picture.

June 2012

Fresh from the edit room of Intransit Media Group. Dustin and Adam came out to visit Crooked Blanks and made this great video for me. Love it!



Crooked Blanks from Dustin Devlin on Vimeo.


June 2012

Two boards fresh from the glasser, Twin Lights Glassing.  They look amazing and are very light.  Shaped with love by Vec Surfboards.




















May 2012

Photo shoot!  We were doing a photo shot in the new headquarters of Crooked Blanks, the Crooked Blanks Barn.  Here is nice quiver of boards that were dragged out to the side of barn for some photos.









May 2012

Moving day!  I ordered a large lot of paulownia and I couldn’t fit it into my current workshop without leaving enough space to move around in.  So I am now renting a workshop and will be able to increase production.












April 2012

It has been a while since I updated on things happening.  I started a Kickstarter project to raise some funds to make some demo boards.  Check it out.

January 2012

Crooked Blanks is now selling handplane kits.  The handplane blank is made from off-cuts from Crooked Blanks surfboard blanks.  They are mostly paulownia wood with some accents in other sustainable wood species.  The blank also comes with the bottom rocker shaped into it to make the shaping process easier, but there is enough volume in the wood to alter the rocker if you wish.  The kit consists of a Crooked Blanks wood handplane blank, 2 bio-plastic leash plugs, a nylon strap with a brass buckle and the all important Crooked Blanks sticker.  The kit is $50 is available on the store page: Crooked Blanks Store







November 2011

This board is for Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards.  He wanted a board to surf and share.   Keith Natti, Twin Lights Glassing, again is amazing with his glassing.  So if you want to want to give the board a go, get friendly with Shawn.  He is a nice guy, great shaper, and crazy surfer.  5’6 single fin with a little bit of a hull bottom.


November 2011

This is two-fer.  Again this is showcasing the craftsmanship of Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards for the shaping and Keith Natti, Twin Lights Glassing, for the glassing.  I changed things up a little on the 9’0 longboard.  I used mostly WRC (western red cedar) for the decking.  There might not be a better looking wood once it is gets wet from epoxy.  I included a photo of the board before glassing and after glassing to show how the color just comes alive once wet.




















The second board is 5’7 double winged fish.  With a quad fin setup, this board just looks fast and fun.  100% paulownia on this board.  Some cool different grain configurations made for some cool book matching on the decks.  I can’t wait to see this board in action.











November 2011

Another great board!  With the help of Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards for the shaping and Keith Natti, Twin Lights Glassing, for the glassing we have one happy Jack.  Now I have The Who song stuck in my head.  Anyways, the board is for a friend of mine and his name is Jack.  This board is 9’0 and just screaming for some down the line fun.  We are getting it wet this weekend!











October 2011

Down with Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards.  I brought him the log that Keith Natti, Twin Lights Glassing, just finished glassing.  Shawn has displayed on the board on the outside of his shop.  Check out the marketing!  With 10 minutes we had a guy in the shop wanting to know more and will be placing an order in a couple of weeks for an SUP.












October 2011

I just got my log from Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards.. Keith Natti, Twin Lights Glassing, glassed it  I opted for a gloss finish and cool leash block.  I am excited to get this board wet.  There was a wave that I surfed this morning and I just picked up the board tonight.  I am hoping to catch some waves with it tomorrow.















September 2011

After an epic day last month with Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards, I came back with this beauty.  This board is for Patrick.  It is shortened version of his favorite 5’7 fish.  The board is 5’4.  Shawn Vecchoine shaped it and Keith Natti, Twin Lights Glassing, glassed it. I am waiting anxiously for a ride report on this baby.

























August 2011

I just picked up a 6’2 Fish shaped by Roger Beal.  I love it and can’t wait to surf it.  I set it up with speed dialer quad fins.  Looks cool with the purple fiberglass fins against the nice wood grain of the paulownia.  This board is 100% paulownia.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


June 2011

The first Crooked Blank was shaped and glassed by a local professional, Keith Natti of Twin Lights Glassing.  Check out his site: Twin Lights Glassing

The board is a 6’1 wombat that suits me great on the local waves.  New England is not known for its powerful surf, so having a short board that paddles well and catches waves easily is a must.   The board is wide and thick and floats me great.  A buddy of mine has this shape in foam, I am looking forward swapping boards with him for a few rides to see the difference. I will have to write an update after the swap.